TRU partners Veo continuing to blaze a trail

Veo are continuing to lead the way whilst breaking new ground

Veo has created an interview series with leaders from across the world of sports. Broadcast as five episodes over five days, Veo will explore technology’s impact on the future of sports, from the grassroots to the elite.

Influential voices of the sports communities share how they are using innovations in video technology to develop coaches, players, clubs, communities, and themselves.

Members of the Veo crew reflect on the learnings, and we’ll explore how Veo’s development teams are approaching the development video and analysis tools. And who knows? Maybe we’ll even get a peek into the innovation pipeline to see what we can expect from Veo in the near future.

This groundbreaking series includes interviews with the award-winning sports journalist Guillem Balague; Andrea Robinson, coach at title-winning DeSoto Basketball in Texas; coaches from Tennessee Soccer Club in the US; the analysis and academy coaches at Northampton Saints Rugby; and coaches from Peterborough United’s academy in the UK. They share their unique insights, stories, and ideas of building cultures that embrace advanced technology.

Veo Trailblazers is a must-watch for every club, coach and player wanting to understand how video technology can provide an immediate impact and competitive advantage.

This is an incredible opportunity to share with your members. You can find more information here on our website: where you can also sign up.

This exclusive event will begin Monday, March 28.

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