World Rugby

Josh Beaumont column: Dad is definitely the right man to steer World Rugby through this tricky period

In his latest column for TRU, Josh Beaumont discusses his father’s re-election as World Rugby’s chairman + he provides us with an update on his recovery from injury and his hopes regarding the resumption of the season.
7 May 2020

TRU Sources: Rugby could restart in November

TRU has been told that rugby, at all levels, could be set for a return in November.
7 May 2020

Sir Bill Beaumont gets re-elected as World Rugby chairman

Sir Bill Beaumont will continue to remain as World Rugby chairman for a second successive term after after beating Agustin Pichot in a closely fought election.
2 May 2020

World Rugby chairman election result to be announced on Saturday

The result of the World Rugby chairmanship election between Sir Bill Beaumont and Agustin Pichot is expected to be announced as early as Saturday after a majority was reached.
2 May 2020

New Zealand Rugby back Agustin Pichot in World Rugby election

New Zealand Rugby chairman Brent Impey said the board is backing former Argentina skipper Agustin Pichot in World Rugby's chairmanship election.
1 May 2020

WRU backs Sir Bill Beaumont in World Rugby election

The Welsh Rugby Union has confirmed its support for Sir Bill Beaumont in the World Rugby election for the chairman role.
29 April 2020

Rugby Europe backs Sir Bill Beaumont in World Rugby election

Rugby Europe has announced its backing for Sir Bill Beaumont in the upcoming World Rugby election for the chairman role.
28 April 2020

Fiji chairman resigns from World Rugby council

The Fiji Rugby Union has confirmed that chairman Francis Kean has resigned from the World Rugby council following allegations of homophobia.
21 April 2020

Fiji chairman to be investigated by World Rugby after homophobia allegations

World Rugby has launched an investigation on Fiji Rugby Union chairman Francis Kean following allegations of homophobia.
20 April 2020

Wales were only Six Nations side to give a courtesy reply to Agustin Pichot

Former Argentina international Agustin Pichot revealed that Wales were the only Six Nations side to reply to his email as he bids to contest in the election for World Rugby chairman next month.
20 April 2020

Possibility of no more international games this year - Sir Bill Beaumont

World Rugby chairman Sir Bill Beaumont admitted that there is a possibility that international rugby could be scrapped for the remainder of 2020 following the pandemic coronavirus.
17 April 2020

World Rugby announces global relief strategy following pandemic coronavirus

World Rugby has announced a short-term relief in the form of a US$100 million relief fund to help the member unions combat the ongoing financial instability following the pandemic coronavirus.
16 April 2020

No bailout package for SANZAAR countries following pandemic coronavirus - Agustin Pichot

World Rugby vice-chairman Agustin Pichot said the governing body will not guarantee a bailout package if any of the Southern Hemisphere team falls out financially following the pandemic coronavirus.
15 April 2020

World Rugby to reinforce breakdown laws post review

World Rugby chairman Sir Bill Beaumont said the board is set to reinforce a strict enforcement of existing laws instead of introducing new ones.
3 April 2020

World Rugby U20 Championship in Italy cancelled

World Rugby has announced the cancellation of the upcoming World Rugby U20 Championship due to the pandemic coronavirus.
21 March 2020

A letter to World Rugby: Referee Existing Laws Before You Consider Creating New Ones

In a time where rugby is at a standstill, Wade Cox has penned a letter to World Rugby about the standard and future of referring.
19 March 2020