Gloucester Rugby announces change of logo ahead of new season


Gloucester Rugby on Tuesday announced the launch of the new logo as part of brand re-design.

The new logo consists of the club name at the top, a shield, cherry and white hoops, a Lion and 1873 that denotes its proud history and heritage.

Gloucester Rugby CEO Stephen Vaughan insisted that the new logo is a perfect blend of the club's traditional value and also its ambition.

"Last year we commenced a review of all our communications and brand. A full audit and research project was undertaken across the Club with the primary objective to deliver an agreed set of values that every member of staff, whether that be in the playing department or elsewhere could be guided by.

"This piece of work also looked at the future design of all Gloucester Rugby communications and different logos used across the club. This included areas such as Community, Conferencing and Events, Hospitality and others, where we had a large number of different logos and nothing linking them together.

"It became clear that our current logo did not fully portray our ambition for the club and we needed a more contemporary logo that reflects the traditional elements of Gloucester Rugby.

"We now have a Master brand that does that really well and will support our ambitions for the future. The name of the club was never in question and we remain Gloucester Rugby.

"The Gloucester Rugby brand is a key element in terms of the future success of the club and whilst we know for some people it will take a little getting used to, we are really proud of what has been developed and know the changes will support our ambitions for the future."

Gloucester Rugby chairman Martin St. Quinton added: "The over-riding aim of Gloucester Rugby is to be a highly successful Club which our supporters can be proud of, now and for many years to come. Success on the field and off the field go hand in hand. A great amount of thought, care, respect and work has gone into this and I and all at the Club who have been involved in this work believe what has been developed will provide Gloucester Rugby with the right tools for the future."