Andy Farrell wants Ireland to focus more on defence

Andy Farrell believes defence will be key to the battle against France
Andy Farrell believes defence will be key to the battle against France

Ireland head coach Andy Farrell believes holding the defence will be the key to succeed against France in the second round of the Six Nations tournament.

The weekend's clash is expected to be a game of margins with Ireland being the top ranked team with 90.70 rating points while France follow them in the second place.

While Ireland thumped Wales 34-10, the Les Bleus were tested in the game against Italy in the opening round which they went on to win a 29-24 margin.

"It always has been and it always will be, it will never change," said Farrell when asked about the importance of defence in the upcoming clash.

"It doesn't matter what... you always have to pay more attention to your attacking side because there's more things that have to gel together and be in sync for it to flow.

"But your defence is your character, isn't it? It wasn't perfect last week but we found a way to keep them out and I think that shows a lot about our character, last week's performance."

The last time France played at Aviva Stadium they went to win with a 15-13 margin in 2021 with spectators not allowed due to the pandemic coronavirus but now with a packed stadium on the cards for Saturday's game, Farrell wants to make full use of the home advantage.

“Everyone’s looking forward to this, aren’t they? Everyone’s pumped," he added.

“Home advantage has to be a weapon for us,” Farrell said, “doesn’t it?”


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