TRU Six Pack, Isolation Edition - Will Addison, Ulster/Ireland

Will Addison

Latest to answer our quickfire Isolation Edition questions is Ulster and Ireland back Will Addison.

Lockdown workout routine?
I have been going back to my roots with the farming so that is as good as any gym programme just being out on the farm doing whatever needs doing whether that is mucking out or milking cattle! There are endless tasks which also involve heavy lifting so I have been pretty busy at the farm.
Outside of that, I have been doing a bit of road biking in the morning with there not being a huge amount of traffic in the Lakes at the moment! It has been a nice time to go out on a road bike so I have done that to keep the base level of fitness up and the physios have been great in putting down the rehab plans just to keep us going and whatever weights we managed to nick from the Ulster gym before we went into lockdown have also be useful.

Go-to home cooking/homemade meal?
The one I did the other week was a seafood linguine. We have actually got a couple of wagyu cattle on the farm at the moment so a guy who has been able source then has meant we have had a couple of wagyu steaks during this quarantine period which has been pretty cool.

Lounging gear, slouch-wear?
In the house, it has been loungewear but out on the farm, it has been old kit. That is one of the benefits of having stash from years ago is that you can get it all dirty and mucky on the farm so I have had plenty of old Sale kit and some Ireland kit to wear on the farm!

Chill tunes, books, games, netflix?
Definitely Netflix! I think I am probably saying the same as any sports fan at the moment, but I have been obsessed with The Last Dance.

Take out or beverage you are missing?
I am missing restaurant in Belfast called Yügo which is really good so I am missing going there with the lads or my girlfriend.

Activity you can't wait to get back to?
Rugby. That would be the obvious one!