TRU Six Pack, Isolation Edition - Robin Hislop, Doncaster Knights

Robin Hislop
©John Ashton

Latest to answer our quickfire Isolation Edition questions is Doncaster Knights' prop Robin Hislop.

Lockdown workout routine?
Currently got a bit of a hip injury so doing a lot of rehab and I’ve got an assault bike from the club as I can’t do much running yet so lots of different sessions on that.

Go-to home cooking/homemade meal?
Me and the mrs are nailing homemade Nando’s at the moment. Pineapple/ piri salt are key.

Lounging gear, slouch-wear?
Shorts, Ts & hoodies. Haven’t wore jeans or shirt since before lockdown.

Chill tunes, books, games, netflix?
Finished my RFUlevel 3 course and watching a lot of coaching webinars, so that kept me busy and doing some recruitment for Sheffield tigers. TV shows -Ozark, Last Dance, After life, SAS who dares wins. Music when I’m training my go to is clubland classics. Video games - playing a bit of football manager. Books -  “Twas the night before Christmas.

Take out or beverage you are missing?

Activity you can't wait to get back to?
Few beers in the changing rooms after a win with the lads.