TRU Six Pack, Isolation Edition - Tom O'Flaherty, Exeter Chiefs

©Tom O'Flaherty

Latest to answer our quickfire Isolation Edition questions is Exeter Chiefs' wing Tom O'Flaherty.

Lockdown workout routine?
I have got a pretty makeshift gym in the garden. The weight rack is pretty sketchy. If you are squatting or bench-pressing, you need to get out of there pretty quickly before the table collapses! I have also been doing a pitch run at the local rugby club. Some of my teammates actually have proper gyms. Some of those big names seem to be getting on just fine!

Go-to home cooking/homemade meal?
I probably most frequently cook special fried rice.

Lounging gear, slouch-wear?
I am wearing all sorts! I don’t think I have worn any piece of Chiefs clothing! I have enjoyed wearing whatever I like! Mainly loungewear because not too many people are looking at me so I don’t mind.

Chill tunes, books, games, netflix?
I have actually stopped reading which is weird since this lockdown started! I have not picked up a book at all. I think it is because I started learning the harmonic instead. Because we have had a lot of spare time on our hands, it seems to be going OK at the moment but I assume it is going to get harder!

Take out or beverage you are missing?
To be honest, I am missing just going to the pub in itself. Not necessarily the drink because you can get the drink still.

Activity you can't wait to get back to?
Going surfing. I actually brought a surfboard in lockdown so it has been pretty useless at the moment so I’d have to say that!