TRU Six Pack, Isolation Edition - Blaine Scully, USA Eagles

Blaine Scully

Latest to answer our quickfire Isolation Edition questions is former USA Eagles captain Blaine Scully.

Home workout routine?
I have, and I just got for my birthday, an Assault bike. It’s like going in a microwave, it happens really quick and you hurt. So I have that and I have some dumbbells, so usually I will jump on that, dumbbells and then hit a couple hundred push-ups a day. If the weather is nice, we are currently close to the beach, so I will go do a beach run, a two-mile beach run, just trying to get some fresh air ad get out the house for a few minutes.

Go-to home cooking/homemade meal?
I have been doing a lot of the cooking, because my wife does the majority of the responsibilities when it comes to babysitting Sadie right now. I have done a few things. We have this crockpot sort of thing, so I have made some pulled chicken we had some carnitas the other night. I’m definitely missing my Mexican food, because right now we are in New Jersey, so I’m trying to cook some breakfast tacos and some breakfast burritos and stuff, so those are my go-to. Well that or a pizza.

Lounge wear?
Sacramento Kings sweatshirt, some Nike trainers and some Lululemon shorts.

Books, Netflix, chill tunes?
All of the above and part of it too is getting used to having a baby and kind of having to pivot your schedule day in and day out. So, I am doing a programme with Harvard right now, so I will read a case study in the morning and then I have a few different projects I’m working on. Releasing my podcast, so staying connected, seeing how that is doing, engaging folks on that and then try to read as much as I can, definitely have Netflix because it is very tiring being a parent. We do have a Switch, so sometimes we’ll do like some Mario Kart, but one of the cool things we did earlier last week was, we Zoomed all of my wife’s friends who would come over before this and we would play a trivia game together. That was pretty cool, there was like six or eight of us playing this trivia game together, so that was kind of fun.

Takeaway or beverage you are missing?
Well I have my coffee. Definitely miss Mexican food, there are a couple of spots around here that do really good burgers, that I am missing, but I would say that number one is Mexican food.

Activity you can't wait to get back to?
I’m going to have a whole new activity schedule, because I am no longer a professional rugby player. Just being able to go out and get a coffee at a coffee shop. We have a couple of coffee shops locally and just being able to go in there, sit in there and have a cup or three and read a book or answer emails and be around people is something I am really looking forward to.