Rob Baxter backs concussion protocols

Rob Baxter has played over 300 games for Exeter
Rob Baxter has played over 300 games for Exeter

Exeter Chiefs director of rugby Rob Baxter has backed the concussion measures and system in place in the rugby union despite calls for a stricter guidelines.

Former England international Steve Thompson has revealed that he cannot remember England’s 2003 World Cup final victory following brain injuries.

He is one of eight former players who are proposing to bring legal proceedings against rugby authorities as they believe the system has led them to their conditions but Baxter, who has played over 300 games for Exeter Chiefs before taking in charge of them in 2009 reckons the current regulation and guidelines are far comprehensive from the earlier ones.

“Rugby is probably the leader in monitoring return to play safety practices around head injuries,” said Baxter, director of rugby at European and English champions Exeter.

“That’s been in place for a number of seasons. It’s certainly not something that’s dripped away, if anything it’s looked in more detail year on year.

“I think people are being a little naive if they think people are slipping through the net.

“Whatever’s happened with these guys, however unfortunate it is, is a way down the line. The difference between then and now is so significant that there’s almost very little value in trying to compare the two.

“The one thing everyone in rugby can say with real confidence is that the game is frontline as far as monitoring anything around concussion management.”

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