Pro14 season suspended indefinitely due to coronavirus

Zebre were among the clubs most hit due to coronavirus
Zebre were among the clubs most hit due to coronavirus
©Steve Haag

The Pro14 organisers have indefinitely postponed the league matches due to concerns rising over coronavirus.

Earlier, a total of six matches involving Italian sides Benetton Treviso and Zebre were postponed but now the organisers have decided to put an indefinite break in the tournament with travel restrictions around the world.

A statement released by Pro14 said the restrictions imposed by various governments on playing games in closed doors and difficulties in travelling led to the decision.

“The PRO14 is an international league. Cross border travel is inevitable and that brings with it unique challenges. With governments in Italy and Ireland already putting in place clear directives and restrictions around public activities and travel, the decision to suspend the competition is appropriate.

“It is in the best interests of everyone that games are not played at this time. The suspension has been directed by the board of Celtic Rugby DAC and will be remain under constant review.

“Resumption of the 2019/20 season will now become a matter of constant review. To this point PRO14 Rugby has ensured that it has the latest information and guidance made available by the local and national authorities via our participating unions in the UK, Ireland, Italy and South Africa.

“This will remain the case for the duration of the suspension. This is an unprecedented action for the tournament and as such no end date to the suspension can be provided at this time.

“In keeping with our practice during the outbreak, PRO14 Rugby will provide updates on the suspension when more information is available.”

The ongoing Six Nations tournament also got a hit due to the outbreak of coronavirus with three games in the competition postponed while UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Thursday said the government is considering sport ban and other public gatherings to reduce the impact of COVID-19.

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