New Zealand coach Ian Foster not convinced by World Rugby's trial laws

Ian Foster has signed a contract extension with New Zealand Rugby until 2023 World Cup
Ian Foster has signed a contract extension with New Zealand Rugby until 2023 World Cup

New Zealand head coach Ian Foster voiced his opinion on the new trial laws announced by World Rugby.

The laws including 50/22 which was used in few Super Rugby competitions allows a team to gain a throw-in inside the opposition’s 22-metre area by kicking the ball to touch with at least one bounce from their own half came into effect in August while a goalline drop-out will replace five-metre scrums When the ball is held up in in-goal, there is a knock-on from an attacking player in in-goal or an attacking kick is grounded by the defenders in their own in-goal, then play restarts with a goal line drop-out anywhere along the goal line.

“Not a fan. Don’t really think it’s added a lot to the game, to be honest,” said Foster.

“I know it’ll be reviewed at some point, but don’t really feel they’ve changed the shape of the game, maybe to the extent that perhaps was thought.

“I encourage the fact that we’re trying something, so I’ve got no opposition to that, but not sure it’s added spice to the game.”

The governing body has also announced three more trials focussing specifically on reducing injury risk at the breakdown.

First more sanctions will be given on clear-outs which target lower limbs while restrictions have been imposed on attacking players latching onto teammates from a ruck. The final law is aimed at more consistency in the management of 1-person pre-latched player but "but this player must observe all of the requirements for a first arriving player, particularly the need to stay on their feet."

New Zealand will be facing USA, Wales, Italy, Ireland and France in their end of the year tour.