Gloucester chief executive says clubs need to be ready for compromises following pandemic coronavirus

Kingsholm Stadium
Kingsholm Stadium

Gloucester Rugby CEO Lance Bradley believes the clubs needs to be ready for compromise following the pandemic coronavirus.

The outbreak of Covid-19 has hampered the ongoing season as the Rugby Football Union has cancelled all the domestic competitions in the country except for the Premiership.

The Premiership Rugby is considering various options from playing games behind closed door and mid-week matches with a hope to complete the ongoing season once the situation improves and Bradley urged for the need of a bigger squad as he reckons the ongoing crisis will also disrupt the start of the next season as well.

“We will probably find that we use our whole squad more than we would have done,” Bradley told ITV.

“If we finish this season and then go into next season it’s going to mean a fairly intensive run of games and you have to make sure that you manage that properly.

“You can’t expect the same players to turn out every week on that kind of basis so we would be using more of our academy players than we would have done.

“I think everybody’s prepared to make some compromises to get the best possible outcome we can, which is to finish this season and have a proper season next season.”

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