Sevens Rugby - For Everyone

Here at TalkingRugbyUnion we have followed several tournaments and teams during the last 30 months.

We have had feet on the ground at elite competitions and social competitions. We have sponsored teams: RP007s, North Wales Exiles, Calavera RP7s and RedPanda.

During our time following the fantastic Skofic7s in Lancashire we were introduced to Team Tom; a team promoting the work of a children's charity. They are not unique and every weekend sevens players represent teams who have adopted a charity. We met Wooden Spoon at Kinsale and at Chester7s the inspirational ScottysLittleSoldiers.

We had first met Team Tom at the City of Manchester 7s in early May 2014, when they pitched their gazebo alongside that of RedPanda. At the Skofic7s their bright kit stood out like a beacon against the grey skies.

Our very own Max Skofic, who has played for RedPanda at Kinsale and Skofic Brothers at Skofic7s,  volunteered to embed himself with TeamTom as they headed down to the south west for the Newquay 7s.

He played and he filmed. This is the fantastic piece of work he created for a fantastic charity. Sevens is playing its part and we are proud to share this with the wider sevens and rugby community.