Irish Rugby issues roadmap to clubs on resumption of game

IRFU Return To Rugby Guidelines will be issued to all clubs on 5th June
IRFU Return To Rugby Guidelines will be issued to all clubs on 5th June

Irish Rugby has unveiled the return to rugby guidelines for the clubs as they are looking for a safe resumption of the game following the pandemic coronavirus.

The guidelines will be issued to the clubs on 5th June and have been advised to resume training only in accordance with government guidelines.

Accordingly the guidelines comprises of four stages with the first stage is Safety Planning Stage where the clubs have been advised to appoint a Covid-19 Safety Officer and Compliance Officer while a detailed plan analyising risk and safety measures to be announced.

The second stage is called Reduced Activities Stage which will have adherence to safety guidelines while reduced activity on training can begin while the third stage also known as Non-Contact Stage will see training and games with non-contact allowed.

The final stage will see limited contact training while playing recommendations will be graduated return to contract and club houses may be allowed to open.

"Like everyone else, our community has been following the updates to government roadmaps and recovery plans and asking when clubs can reopen. That’s from junior clubs right up to our men’s and women’s clubs in the Energia All-Ireland League," said IRFU Director of Rugby Development Colin McEntee in a statement released by the board.

"The fact remains we can only resume activity in line with the easing of government restrictions, but there is also a lot we can do to ensure the right practices are in place.

"Many clubs are already looking at revised operating procedures. This plan is about helping all clubs move forward as one in providing health and wellbeing opportunities for their community.

"I’m hopeful our clubs can rise to the challenge. The support will be there for them at both national and provincial level.

From there, we can look at a graduated return to rugby with a focus on reduced activities and non-contact forms of the game along the way.”


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