Danny Cipriani joins criticism on Eddie Jones

Danny Cipriani played 16 Tests for England between 2008 and 2018
Danny Cipriani played 16 Tests for England between 2008 and 2018

Danny Cipriani has came down heavily at England coach Eddie Jones for his criticism on English rugby's private school system.

Jones in a weekend interview with the i newspaper said English rugby players who are educated privately do not develop enough leadership skills or the ability to deal with adversity because of their schooling.

“They work hard but they only know what they know. If you have only been in a system where you get to 15, you have a bit of rugby ability and then go to Harrow,” said in an interview with iNews.

“Then for two years you do nothing but play rugby, everything’s done for you. That’s the reality. You have this closeted life. When things go to crap on the field who’s going to lead because these blokes have never had experience of it?”

Reacting to Jones' comments, Cipriani believes the Australian is the major reason for the England players' downfall for failing to create an environment ideal for decision making.

“Eddie should look at himself rather than criticise others,” he wrote on his column for The Daily Mail.

“The environment you create as a coach is reflected by the performance of your team and players.

“If a coach creates a decision-making environment which allows his or her players to problem solve, have an input on how the team is run, and is self-reflective of his or her own performance, then their side’s ability to react under pressure will grow. Eddie does not do that."

Citing the example of Danny Care, Cipriani said Jones' methodology kept the players in insecurity.

“Any player who speaks his mind in this England environment is dismissed,” said Cipriani. “Just look at what happened to Danny Care.

“He spent four years away because he confronted Eddie. Surely a coach who wants players to think for themselves would encourage two-way conversation?

“Two guys who were key to that success were Danny and Marcus Smith. But when they play for England, they do not play with the same freedom.”