Club & Ground

Club & Ground

The Club Rugby section on TalkingRugbyUnion is an astonishing success story - the section includes the recently launched coverage of National Leagues, weekly video and audio coverage plus club profiles which have had over 10,000 visitors, 1,000 article shares and a social media reach of over 1 million during the 2013/2014 season in the UK.

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In addition, we have actively engaged with over 5000 rugby teams a week with events, match results and photo news

This coverage is unique to TalkingRugbyUnion and is made possible by the technology partners and media platforms we are utilizing – including Twitter, Storify, Audioboo, YouTube and Facebook.

The news, tweets, video and audio coverage are collated and published on TalkingRugbyUnion and are accessible from all mobile devices, allowing for a unique user experience.

We can assist you to reach this active, engaging cricket audience 24/7 through targeted advertising, opted-in email databases and social media promotion.

If you would like to be part of the TalkingRugbyUnion club rugby social phenomenon and target this market direct, contact us to get involved.


Club & Ground

  • Advertise your products to over 2.5 million active rugby players in the UK

  • Interact with over 3000 + RFU registered clubs in England, a further 2300 teams in Scotland and in Wales 78000 registered players.

  • Communicate with 150000+ registered players in Ireland and 360000+ registered players in France

  • Ignite your social media channels