World Rugby to reinforce breakdown laws post review

World Rugby chairman Bill Beaumont
World Rugby chairman Bill Beaumont

World Rugby chairman Sir Bill Beaumont said the board is set to reinforce a strict enforcement of existing laws instead of introducing new ones.

The governing body has assembled a team of international coaches, players and medical experts and focusing on player welfare to review the breakdown laws and have recommended the existing law to continue over new ones.

“The breakdown is the most dynamic facet of the game and it is increasingly difficult to referee, but, just as importantly, it is responsible for nine per cent of match injuries," said Sir Bill Beaumont in a statement released by World Rugby.

“Therefore it was important that we looked to identify ways to reduce the risk of injury, while promoting a fair contest for the ball.

“The group looked at a range of potential solutions, including potential law trials, but they unanimously agreed that the best practical and evidenced approach is to reinforce existing law, rather than law change.

“In particular, there will be focus on the ball carrier playing or placing the ball immediately, the tackler releasing immediately, rewarding the player who wins the race to the contest, penalising side entry and players who dive, not drive, into rucks.”


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