Welsh Rugby Union offer financial support to clubs

WRU wants to ensure the clubs dont suffer due to coronavirus pandemic
WRU wants to ensure the clubs dont suffer due to coronavirus pandemic

The Welsh Rugby Union has promised to make financial support to the clubs to reduce the damage due to the outbreak of coronavirus.

The decision follows after all the rugby games have been suspended until the end of the month following the spread of COVID-19 that has been pandemic with 200,000 cases globally.

According to the letter sent out to the clubs by WRU, it is understood that the payments will be made in April as normal but an emergency fund has been allocated for high-priority cases apart from clubs receiving additional £1,000.

"These are testing times and our commitment is to do everything possible to safeguard the future of our game in Wales," the WRU said in a letter sent out to clubs on Wednesday.

"We will all have to make difficult choices and compromises. We also know we will need to evolve our plan as things change and as new information comes to light.

"We can assure you any decisions made by the WRU will be made with the best interests of everyone in the game and with the best information available at that point in time."

The Welsh board also admitted that there will be significant loss of revenue due to games suspended following increase in concern of coronavirus.

"We will need help from Welsh Government if we are to deliver our primary goal," the letter added.

"We are deliberately not approaching government at present as the nation's health and well-being is clearly more important."

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