TRU Six Pack - Tom Cruse, Wasps

Tom Cruse, Wasps

Latest to answer our quickfire TRU Six Pack is Wasps' hooker Tom Cruse.

Go-to gym exercise?

The vain me says bench-press. Rugby player me says focus on power so think of that what you will!

Favourite cheat meal/restaurant?

I'm a burger man so anywhere that sells burgers, you will probably see me in there.

The boots you wore in your last game?

I am currently wearing Mizuno Morelia boots because to be fair, they are the only good pair of boots that I can find that I have liked and also that complement my game. I don’t want to be stuck in big heavy boots but I also need a good pair to scrummage.

Any Pre-match rituals or motivational tune

I have got a pair of undies which I always wear! Apart from that I listen to anything that is on and it is usually Oasis.

Your 'must have' sports supplement?

We just what the club provide, which is eqnutrition

Number one beverage in your down-time?

Water. Boring answer!