TRU Six Pack - Ruaridh McConnochie, Bath Rugby/England 7s

Ruaridh McConnochie, Bath Rugby, England Sevens
Ruaridh McConnochie, Bath Rugby, England Sevens

Latest to answer our quickfire TRU Six Pack is England 7s (soon to be Bath Rugby) player Ruaridh McConnochie.

Go-to gym exercise?

I have probably enjoyed learning of Norts [Dan Norton] and his speed exercises. I know I am never going to be as quick as him! I quite like the plyometric side of things and the idea of becoming fast even though that might not happen!

Favourite cheat meal/restaurant?

There is a sneaky ‘all you can eat’ pizza place in Putney which a few of the boys go to on a Tuesday night called Al Forno. That would be the cheat meal!

The boots you wore in your last game?

It is great to now get some freebies! I have some Mizuno boots and they are really comfy, but one of the best pairs of boots I have had comes from a funny story:

'In my first year with England Sevens, my boots broke in Hong Kong and we were in Singapore the next week. I didn’t have a second pair of boots at the time so I was wandering around Singapore looking for some boots. They are not the tallest nation and I am a size 12 so the only thing I found was a size 8. But, I then found a random sports shop and they had some size 11’s so I settled with them. They were these old style Adidas boots from about 2010 and I wore them for about half a year. I’ve still got them!'

Any Pre-match rituals or motivational tune?

Before a game, I don’t really have any superstitions. It is always great running out and I think every time I represent England, I just like to take a look around and embrace the whole stadium just to remind myself how lucky I am to be in that place.

It is hard to wrestle the mic off Rich de Carpentier. He has normally got a good choice and for a while it was Stormzy which makes sense with him being from Wigan!

Your 'must have' sports supplement?

I guess we are given the option of protein and supplements. A lot of the boys go for the more vegan option, but it is all personal preference. I don’t really have one. I prefer to eat something after a workout rather than take a supplement.

Number one beverage in your down-time?

I had a bad thing at Uni where I’d have loads of bottles of Coke and that is still probably up there!