TRU Six Pack - Fergus Mulchrone, London Irish

Fergus Mulchrone, London Irish
Fergus Mulchrone, London Irish

Latest to answer our quickfire TRU Six Pack is London Irish centre Fergus Mulchrone.

Go-to gym exercise?

Deadlift at the moment. I had a few injuries a while back so I can’t really squat anymore so I have been on that for a while.

Favourite cheat meal/restaurant?

Sunday Roast, with all the trimmings and as much gravy as possible!

The boots you wore in your last game?

Ever since I started playing professional rugby, I have only ever worn Asics boots. I have found that they work very well for me and I haven’t really branched out so at the moment I am wearing the Asics Lethal.

Any Pre-match rituals or motivational tune?

No superstitions. I just like to try and stay calm on the morning of the game and have a good feed the night before. I am one of those players that still wishes that it was like playing at school when you woke up and kick-off was at 11am. I just find the waiting boring... I like listening to Oasis, Dire Straits and ACDC. But to be fair, the music is normally on in the changing rooms and the younger lads put it on so I do listen to that to keep me up to date and keep me in touch!

Your 'must have' sports supplement? 

Just the usual whey protein.

Number one beverage in your down-time?

Lager for alcoholic drink and for soft drink, I am really partial to a diet cherry coke! I am not really sure why. Normal cherry coke doesn’t taste the same as the diet cherry coke!