TRU Six Pack - Paolo Odogwu, Sale Sharks

Paolo Odogwu, Sale Sharks
Paolo Odogwu, Sale Sharks

Latest to answer our quickfire TRU Six Pack is Sale Sharks' winger Paolo Odogwu

Go-to gym exercise?

Chinups, I like them and I am quite good at them too!

Favourite cheat meal/resturant?

KFC or Dominos. I really like them both, but I always used to go to KFC after a training session at Leicester. I used to have to drive to there from Birmingham and on the way back my Dad used to always stop at KFC!

The boots you wore in your last game?

I usually stick to Adidas, but I have switched to Nike. I am currently wearing the Nike Mercurials at the moment – the ones with the sock – as they are really comfy. I usually swap between the two brands depending on which look nicer!

Any pre-match rituals or motivational tunes

I have to listen to the same song when I am driving into the stadium.  I am a bit of a wrestling fan so it is one of my favourite wrestlers walk on songs. Also, before every game, I do a squat down on the pitch, talk to myself and also pick up a bit of the grass. It is a bit weird, but I have been doing it since I was 14!

I can’t really hear anyone’s music as I have my stuff on. I think it is usually high tempo music which they have on the speakers, but I don’t really listen to it.

Your 'must have' sports supplement?

I am not really too fussed by supplements. Not bothered by them to be honest!

Number one beverage in your downtime?

Coffee. Latte!