TRU Six Pack - Geoff Parling, Exeter Chiefs

Geoff Parling, Exeter Chiefs
Geoff Parling, Exeter Chiefs

Latest to answer our quickfire TRU Six Pack is Exeter Chiefs' second-row Geoff Parling.

Go-to gym exercise?

Go-to gym exercise?

Deadlift, I just enjoy it!

Favourite cheat meal/resturant?

Any Turkish or Greek meal. It isn’t really a cheat meal because normally it’s pretty healthy. Grilled meats, salads, rice is all good so it is probably my favourite.

The boots you wore in your last game?

I have worn the same boots for a while now. I like them black and I like them old school. I have got some rainbow laces in them at the moment and I just like the classic boots – Nothing too fancy about them!

Any pre-match rituals or motivational tunes?

Every player will say they are not suppositious, but they will try things. For me, I have tried to get into fewer routines as I have got older. Sometimes it can be a bit stupid, but I like getting things ticked off in the week in terms of training and what I have done. I also always take a few pairs of boots to the game but I wouldn’t say anything I do is unusual.

Anything with a good beat! Bit of rock music, a few power ballads, some dance music – anything like that.

Your 'must have' sports supplement?

Just the standard supps!

Number one beverage in your downtime?

You’ve put me on the spot here! I would have to say Red Wine if I was having a nice alcoholic beverage.