Super Rugby Aotearoa to have goal-line dropout and captain's referral in 2021 season

Super Rugby Aotearoa 2021 season will kick-off on 26th February
Super Rugby Aotearoa 2021 season will kick-off on 26th February

New Zealand Rugby has announced two more new rules for the 2021 season of Super Rugby Aotearoa that will kick-off later this month.

The competition will include goal-line drop-out and captain’s referral following the approval of World Rugby Executive Committee after extensive consultation with players, coaches and referees.

A goal line drop-out will occur when an attacking player carrying the ball is held up in the in-goal or knocks the ball on in the in-goal area, or when an attacking kick, other than a penalty or drop goal attempt, is grounded by the defending team in their in-goal area.

Meanwhile, a captain's referral will allow a captain to refer a single case of infringement leading to a try to check for any foul play. He will be given a time of 10 seconds since the try was awarded by the referee.

The two new rules that was introduced in the 2020 season including golden point and red-card replacements will continue for the upcoming edition as well.

“We’re constantly looking at how we can make the game faster and fairer for players, and a better spectacle for fans and we’re hopeful the goal line drop-out and captain’s referral will go some way to achieving those objectives in 2021," said New Zealand Rugby Head of High Performance Mike Anthony.

“We’ve had great support for this innovation from coaches and players and we’re confident it will be popular with fans.

“The current re-start rule of a 22-metre drop-out often pushes the receiving team well back into their own half and we think teams will be more likely to counter-attack from a goal line drop-out, which will in turn lead to more attacking pressure and hopefully more tries.”

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