Six Nations, SANZAAR in discussion over unified global calendar

New Zealand faced England in the semi-final of the 2019 World Cup
New Zealand faced England in the semi-final of the 2019 World Cup
©Steve Haag

Six Nations and SANZAAR that represent 10 international teams combined are in discussion over a proposal of an aligned global calendar.

Currently the Six Nations tournament are being played in February and March while the SANZAAR's Rugby Championship competition that involves New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and Argentina are played in July and August.

A possible shift of the Rugby Championship tournament to align with the Six Nations tournament could provide players an uniform window for internationals and keep them available for domestic commitments.

"From the outset, the nations have adopted a mindset that has sought to eliminate self-interest and recognise that the international and club game have shared mutual benefits that if approached and managed correctly can enable both to flourish," read a joint statement from SANZAAR and Six Nations.

"A further consultation process, in total transparency with unions, clubs and players, will commence as all parties work towards an aligned global calendar that can deliver a clear and coherent narrative.

"The nations, together with other key stakeholders, remain open to shape the options that have been developed in an effort to resolve an issue that has held the game back for many years and are committed to putting rugby on a progressive path."

Earlier, Sir Bill Beaumont following his win in the World Rugby elections said a unified approach to tackling the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic can help his sport create a new international structure.


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