Pro14 targets resumption in August

Leinster have won all 13 games this season
Leinster have won all 13 games this season

The Pro14 League is aiming for a resumption on 22nd August according to a report.

The tournament has been on suspension since March following the pandemic coronavirus but now efforts are being made on a possible resumption date.

BBC Sport reported that the teams might play a series of inter provincial teams before facing teams from other countries.

Earlier, IRFU chief executive Philip Browne said the players will need at least six weeks of training before they feature in any competitive game.

"At least if we have a target date set we can try and work towards it," said Browne

"Otherwise we are just going to be chasing shadows."

Leinster were the leader of Conference A table after winning all 13 games while Edinburgh topper Conference B with 10 victories from 13 matches when the competition was suspended.

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