Ospreys 21-21 Cardiff Blues


A kicking game, nothing more, nothing less. Despite several chances at a try all the points came from two main scorers Dan Biggar and Dan Parks. A game which was within Osprey's reach for the majority of 80minutes was lost after Dan Parks kicked over an equalising drop goal.

First Half

Ospreys get the first points on the board after Dan Biggar slices over a penalty in the opening minutes of the game. Ospreys 3-0 Cardiff Blues

Cardiff Blues, Dan Parks, misses a chance to equalise when they are handed a penalty but it is the home side who are currently dominating the game.

Blues are made to pay again after handing away another penalty which Biggar kicks over neatly. Ospreys 6-0 Cardiff Blues

Ospreys pushed towards the Blues try line and piled on the pressure for their visitors who crucially need to win today's game. A good save by Chris Czekaj which ends in a scrum.

After conceding yet another penalty, which Biggar duly slots over after a little bit of help from Adam Jones who stopped the ball toppling over as Biggar lined up his kick. Ospreys 9-0 Cardiff Blues

Leigh Halfpenny steps up to take a long distance penalty for Blues, but misses, he has never scored against the Ospreys.

Drop goal for Blues as they get their first points on the board. Ospreys 9-3 Cardiff Blues

Blues line out just metres from the Ospreys try line, Blues keep good possession before the referee blows the whistle for being offside. Parks kicks over the first penalty for the Blues. Ospreys 9-6 Cardiff Blues

James Hook heads towards the Blues lines before offloading to Huw Bennett, Blue manage to turn to ball over.

Lots of messy passing by both Blues and Ospreys in a desperate attempt to get out of danger and score the first try of the game respectively.

Ospreys gain manage to regain possession and once again charge towards the Blues try line. Bradley Davies sent off for ten minutes after killing the ball. Biggar makes the Blues pay with a fourth penalty as his kicking cannot be faulted. Ospreys 12-6 Cardiff Blues

A last minute drop-goal for the Ospreys put them further ahead of their visitors while Parks kicks over a penalty for the Blues. Ospreys 15-9 Cardiff Blues

Ospreys 15-9 Cardiff Blues

Second Half

Blues start the second half still a man down at Bradley Davies still have time left in the sin bin.

James Hook gets the second half staight underway with a drop goal, putting him just five points behind Gavin Henson's record at the ospreys. Ospreys 18-9 Cardiff Blues

Blues start to close the gap with a penatly kicked by Parks Ospreys 18-12 Cardiff Blues

Another penalty kicked over nicely by Park closes the gap to just three points. Ospreys 18-15 Cardiff Blues

Biggar extends the Ospreys lead as the Blues are slowly creeping up on the home side. Ospreys 21-15 Cardiff Blues

Blues finally take advantage of the Ospreys being a man down and once again make it a three point games as Parks gets his kicking back on target. Ospreys 21-18 Cardiff Blues

A promising break for Blues before a knock forward puts a half to they progression. Park kicks over a drop-goal as the Blues equalise for the first time in the game. The Blues could have gone for the try but I think points were more important. Ospreys 21-21 Cardiff Blues

Biggar attempts a second drop goal to put the Ospreys in the lead again but it was short, followed by an attempt by Hook which went wide.

Blues give away a final minute penalty which Biggar kicks down the pitch but there is not enough time to get any more points on the board.

Ospreys 21-21 Cardiff Blues

Full Time

Man of the Match: Dan Biggar

Ospreys 21 (15)

Penalties: Biggar (5)
Drop-Goals: Biggar, Hook

Cardiff Blues 21 (9)

Penalties: Parks (5)
Drop-Goals Parks (2)

Ospreys: R.Fussell; T.Bowe, S.Parker, J.Hook, N.Walker; D.Biggar, R.Webb; P.James, H.Bennett, A.Jones, A.Jones (c), I.Evans, R.Jones, J.Tipuric, J.Collins.

Cardiff Blues: C.Czekaj; L.Halfpenny, C.Laulala, J.Roberts, T.James; D.Parks R.Rees; F.Fiise, G.Williams, S.Andrews, B.Davies, P.Tito (c), A.Pretorius, M.Williams, X.Rush.

Referee: Christophe Berdos (France)