No positive cases in latest round of Premiership Rugby testing

A total of 865 players and staff were tested
A total of 865 players and staff were tested

The second round of the Premiership's PCR COVID-19 screening programme in the 10th week has returned no positive results.

This was the first time zero positive result came for Covid-19 testing since the third week of the season.

Premiership Rugby has moved to two Tests every week after matches in recent weeks were disrupted due to the rise in Covid-19 cases. Earlier in the week a staff member was tested positive after 964 tests were conducted.

On Wednesday close to 865 tests were conducted on players and staff with the result giving clearances for all six games to be played in the seventh round this weekend.

Weekly Test results:

Week 1: 967 tests, seven positives from three clubs
Week 2: 983 tests, three positives, one club
Week 3: 986 tests, zero positives
Week 4: 1,034 tests, three positives, two clubs
Week 5: 1,047, 18 positives, two clubs
Week 6: 967 tests, 12 positives, five clubs
Week 7: 951 tests, 33 positives, 10 clubs
Week 8: 981 tests, 19 positives, eight clubs
Week 9: 997 tests, 18 positives, nine clubs.
Week 10: Round 1 964 tests, 1 positive
Round 2 865 tests, zero positive

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