New Zealand Rugby condemn Crusaders players over lockdown breach

Richie Mo'unga was among the players who were training in Christchurch
Richie Mo'unga was among the players who were training in Christchurch
©Steve Haag

New Zealand Rugby issued a statement on Tuesday condemning the Crusaders players as they breached the lockdown regulations.

A number of Crusaders players including All Blacks fly-half Richie Mo'unga were seen training at Christchurch park when the government had issued orders for a lockdown and sefl-isolation.

"Some of the Crusaders' players have not followed these rules and that is unacceptable," NZ Rugby chief executive Mark Robinson said.

"We have reminded everyone involved in rugby that they must abide by the New Zealand government Covid-19 guidelines and this situation must not happen again."

Crusaders CEO Colin Mansbridge also came down hard at the players and stated that he would reprimand them.

"They shouldn't have been at the same location. It wasn't planned and they should know better. I have spoken to those involved, and will reinforce that again tonight."

Meanwhile, Mo'unga apologised for his actions on his Instagram account and said there was no deliberate attempt to break down the lockdown regulations.

"As many of you would've seen yesterday, there was footage of me picking up a ball and chucking it back to some of the other lads," he said, speaking directly to the camera in an Instagram story.

"I just want to speak about what happened and clear a few things up. Some things that I think are important to know and also some things that was forgot [sic] to be mentioned on the news last night.

"I want to start off by saying this was not an organised training. There were no communications before hand saying that we should train in this park together. It was by coincidence that I rocked up and they were there training.

"In fact, they were there just finishing up their session. My local park is that local park and our training schedules are the same so we run on the same days. It just so happened to be it was the same time."