England coach Eddie Jones agrees to 25 per cent pay cut

England coach Eddie Jones has been contracted with RFU until July 2021
England coach Eddie Jones has been contracted with RFU until July 2021

England coach Eddie Jones has agreed to 25 per cent reduction in pay cut following the financial loss incurred by the Rugby Football Union due to the pandemic coronavirus.

The decision follows after the RFU estimated a loss of £45-£50m following the outbreak of the coronavirus which has affected them financially and as a result Jones along with the executive members of the England board have decided to take a temporary cut in the salary.

Jones' salary accounts to £750,000 per year - which is the highest for a coach in international rugby.

"Eddie is overseas at present and when I contacted him regarding our Executive pay reduction proposals he immediately agreed."

Earlier, the RFU confirmed that all the domestic competitions for the 2019/20 season has been cancelled apart from the Premiership and also announced a £7m relief package for community clubs affected by the coronavirus outbreak.

"Significant progress has been made on the process for considering the implications of ending the season early," Sweeney added.

"We will ensure a fair and balanced outcome for the game and are now committed to update on this by the middle of April.

"No one can predict every possible outcome of the COVID-19 outbreak particularly with regard to the duration of this crisis and we are managing in the unknown.

"We have modelled three potential scenarios and are working on an assumption based on a medium-term impact with a view to a return to rugby in the autumn.

"We will continue to monitor against this assumption and review and revise planning where necessary."

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