Blues forward Cameron Suafoa to take break from ruby for cancer treatment

Cameron Suafoa was diagnosed for cancer last November
Cameron Suafoa was diagnosed for cancer last November

Blues forward Cameron Suafoa has decided to take break from rugby as he continues his battle against cancer.

The 25-year-old was diagnosed for a cancer in November and continued to play for his club despite undergoing radiation treatment. Nevertheless, he said the fatigue following the treatment has forced him to take a break.

"In the mornings, I am normally pretty good, because I just woke up, I'm full of energy," he told in a video released.

"It's normally after 12 or one when I tend to decline, fatigue-wise. I get real tired easily," he added, with the tiredness meaning he would have to take a break from playing.

"Right now, it is what it is. I can't change the fact I am going through this.

"Hopefully I can come back from this fitter and stronger.

"Physically, I felt fine. Looking back on it, I probably wasn't ready to admit, even to myself, that I was going through this. I guess I was in the denial stage," he said.

"It was a few weeks before I told my family."

Blues are positioned second in the Super Rugby Pacific table with six wins from seven matches.