Zimbabwe Rugby - What Next?

Zimbabwe Rugby - What Next?

Failed drug tests, mediocre results and unfair selections. These are just some of the problems to plight Zimbabwe Rugby.

School structures are intact and the Super 8; under 16; co-ed league are in place. How to improve the game in schools will require a lot of work. 

In the junior ranks the introduction of the u16 league is a stepping stone. I also believe a relegation - promotion system must be introduced in the leagues. It brings incentive to sides in the lower leagues and those above to retain their spot.

Coaching camps must be implemented atleast once a year or a delegation of the Zimbabwe Rugby Union can be allowed to travel to all the provinces and help schools over a two day camp. This could improve the school boys and allow the delegation to assess depth and skill levels in the country. 

A schools database system. This will allow every school to have their players registered. With age group, name, weight, height, position and date of birth.

At age group level under 18 through to under 20 we must continue to mix and combine the teams. An improvement must be made so the U20 side can be considered a force. Under 18s are a little better and have set high standards lately. Call up for all eligible players for the u20 World Cup squads.

Use of players in the system has had little to no benefit in the past years. Conduct trials , fitness tests and select the best squad that suits game plan and is physically and mentally prepared.

At club level we have The National Rugby League. It has three or four teams that are very competitive. The rest are below par. The bulk of our national players come from these teams and its not ideal when they only face a handful of competitive games only. Wr must explore our teams facing tougher opposition in the form of South African clubs. It will certainly improve our displays. 

Adding an under 21 league wil allow transition between school boys and club rugby. It will also benefit the national under 20 selectors. 

We look at the Sables and a similar trend. Lets forget the house hold names. Lets do things a little different. Liam has come in and has voiced some important fundamentals that must be looked into : strength and conditioning,technical work, tactical work  and closer inspection of game plan. A flurry of players ate returning to Zimbabwe and you are also getting some local players neglected. Why not hold trials? Call up all players eligible to play for the country, let them all train with the squad for a week or two. Assess fitness, technical and mental levels. 

Use of form, develop combinations and play ftiendlies. 

Seldom select players for the sake of their historical abilities. Form, ability and hunger. 

The most popular Zimbabwe side in the country's rugby fraternity. The Sevens team has made slow progress and have made a name amongst the World's elite  sides. The Sevens schools side was humbled in the a recent tour to South Africa.  The addition of Sevens tournament at schools will definitely increase the skill and growth of the game. This will allow a progressive system between the juniors and seniors. 

A great move as Sevens continues to lead the way in teams that have made the step up to the world stage.

Whatever the case. We hope the Zimbabwe Rugby bosses continue to work towards making decisions that benefit rugby and nothing else.