Tour De Flats: Q&A with Sam Warburton

Former Bath and England rugby player David Flatman meets Sam Warburton on his quest around the UK.

Sam Warburton on the toughest opponent he has faced

‘As a team would be New Zealand, definitely, as an individual I remember playing here (The Millennium Stadium) in 2009, my first start against Samoa. They had a number eight, Henry Tuilagi, if you remember- absolute beast. And that was a real baptism of fire trying to tackle him off the base of a scrum. So individually Henry Tuilagi, what a monster’

Sam Warburton on the toughest player to tackle and bring down

‘He was obviously one, Henry Tuilagi. All the Tuilagi brothers, even Manu. I've played against Manu a couple of times, he’s a tough one to tackle. I think George North would be incredibly tough. He’s tough in training because he’s big but he’s got footwork like a five-foot-six guy as well. George has got all the attributes, I’d probably say George North.’ 

Sam Warburton on his biggest achievement outside of Rugby 

‘Outside of Rugby. Don’t think I have any. Oh yeah I got married last summer to a beautiful wife Rachel. So that’s my biggest achievement, thank you very much.

'It’s only going one way these look, downhill, so I got to tie it down young. So yeah we got married last summer.'

Sam Warburton on what haircut he would give Dave Flatman  

‘I think we would have to go to the complete other end of the spectrum and give you an Adam Jones, all out curly hair. I think he (Adam Jones) does it tactically. If you scrummage against that haircut you’re not going to be happy are you? You’d rather scrummage against someone who’s bald than somebody who’s got a massive barnet, wouldn't you?  It’s going to be terrible, so surely that’s why he has it. Surely!

'And you can’t see that (blood in his hair) with that wig on can you? So it covers your caullie’s then as well. Yeah I’d go with Adam Jones.