TRU Six Pack - Nev Edwards, Sale Sharks

Nev Edwards, Sale Sharks
Nev Edwards, Sale Sharks

Latest to answer our quickfire TRU Six Pack is Sale Shark's winger, Nev Edwards.

Go-to gym exercise?

My go to gym exercise I would say is squats. For my position on the wing, speed is pretty key and I need to make sure my quads and hamstrings are firing and I get all of that through doing squats.

Favourite cheat meal/restaurant?

Pizza. I would have to say Meat Feast from Pizza Hut or Texas BBQ from Dominos – it depends which one is quicker in terms of delivery time!

The boots you wore in your last game?

Oreo Milkshake

I am currently wearing Adidas RS7s. I have worn Adidas for most of my career to be honest because they are light and have decent colours.

Any Pre-match rituals or motivational tune?

I always like listening to my music. I always have my music on as much as possible. Then quite close to kick-off, I will listen to my music until we come into together as a team so that would be my pre-match ritual.

I normally listen to a mixture of everything really, but it is mainly hip-hop.

Your ‘must have' sports supplement?

We have USN at the club so I normally just stick to that. Whey protein seems to work a treat for me, but I can’t have to much as I have problem of putting on too much weight generally.

Number one beverage in your down-time?

I quite like a milkshake; probably an Oreo milkshake is my favourite. If I am having a few drinks, it would have to be rum and coke!