TRU Six Pack, Isolation Edition - Rory Hutchinson, Northampton Saints/Scotland

Rory Hutchinson

Next to answer our quickfire Isolation Edition questions is Scotland international and Northampton Saints' Centre Rory Hutchinson.

Home workout routine?
We are working on the lower body and upper body as much as we can as well as doing some running sessions. I think that will build up. Depending on how long we are at home for, it will get a bit more intense if we do get back into the swing of things.
Go-to home cooking/homemade meal?
Let me just have a little look in the fridge....! Shepherd’s pie, cottage pie, chicken pie, prawn curry…everything is here! I think we have got a food delivery coming soon so me and Alex [Moon] are quite looking forward to that!

Lounging gear, slouch-wear?
I am literally in the most casual clothes going! I’m in a big oversized hoodie, shorts and I have my ugg slippers on. I am trying to be as comfortable as I can!

Chill tunes, books, games, netflix?
There's been a lot of Call of Duty on the PlayStation between the lads! I've also been watching that Tiger King, actually. It is a strange one, but I would definitely recommend it if you want something to watch on Netflix. There are some very strange people involved! Other than that, I have been digging up my patio and trying to extend that! It is just a shame that BBQ, Wicks, Travis Perkins and all that are all shut which means I can’t continue with that at the moment.

Take out or beverage you are missing?
Definitely missing a wagamamas and a Five Guys. Missing those Five Guys milkshakes to be fair!

Activity you can't wait to get back to?
Anything to do with sports, really! I wouldn’t mind picking a rugby ball back up and getting back out there on the field. Hopefully that can be done soon in front of our Northampton fans.