Three law variations to be trialed during PRO14 Rainbow Cup

The tournament will kick-off on 23rd April
The tournament will kick-off on 23rd April

The inaugural edition of the PRO14 Rainbow Cup will see three law variations to be trialed.

The tournament which will kick off on 23rd April will see red card replacements to be used which will allow teams to nominate players to replace the players sent-off after a 20-minute period.

The captain's challenge will allow captains one challenge per match to review try-scoring and foul-play incidents, with the ability to look at any of the referee's decisions in the final five minutes.

The final law goal-line drop-outs ill also be taken from anywhere on the goal line for 'held-up over the line', knock-ons that occur in goal, or when the ball is grounded by a defending player in the in-goal area after a kick through.

All the three laws have been approved by World Rugby.