Stephen Moore Interview


Talking Rugby Union caught up with Australia and Brumbies Hooker Stephen Moore who was a pleasure to talk to.

1. How do you think the Brumbies are doing so far this season Stephen?

We have had a very tough start to the season. It's certainly not where we want to be and it was disappointing to lose a few close games early on. Hopefully our win against wellington on saturday will give us some confidence and momentum for the next part of the season. The players are working very hard to make sure we play more consistently.

2. You made you debut for Australia in 2005 against Samoa, how was that feeling?

Any player would say that playing your first game for your country is one of the most special moments in your career. There is a great sense of pride in representing those who have helped get you where you are.

3. How did playing for the Queensland Reds help your development as a hooker?

As a young player, I tried to just take as much in as I could. I knew I probably wouldnt get much game time early on but if I worked hard and learnt from the senior players at the time, my opportunity would come and I would be well placed to make the most of it.

4. You have made many appearances for the Wallabies all around the world, how is it travelling around the world playing the sport you love?

We are very privileged to be able to do something we love and see the world at the same time. I guess the beauty of Rugby is that it appeals to a global audience. Playing at stadiums around the world is certainly a highlight of my career.

5. How are you feeling about Australia's chances in the 2011 Rugby World Cup?

I think we are well placed to be very competitive in NZ. There was some significant improvement in our game in the last 18-24 months and I think the group has learnt alot about winning test matches under pressure. Conversely, we still have some way to go and we know that. Winning a world cup requires a team to play well consistently over a 6-7 game period, and theres no doubt you need things to go your way to a certain extent.

6. As you have travelled the world with rugby, what has been the greatest stadium you have played in?

I have three favourite grounds; Suncorp Stadium - Brisbane, Twikenham - London, Newlands - Capetown.

7. Who has been the toughest player you have played with /against?

With - George Smith, Against - Richie McCaw, fortunately they looked after each other most of the time!

8. Who was your rugby idol growing up?

Keith Wood - former Irish hooker. My family is Irish so we were always getting sent tapes from the 5 nations out to us in Australia. I loved the way he played and he always tried to make something happen. I was lucky to meet him in London once and that was a real thrill for me.

9. So far what has been your career highlight?

Probably my 50th Test in Bloemfontein, South Africa. Kurtley Beale kicked a penalty from half way on full time to win the game for us.

10. Would you ever consider moving to Europe to play rugby?

Absolutely. I had the opportunity to make a move to Europe after the world cup but it didn't work out and I felt that there is still a lot to be achieved here both at the Brumbies and the Wallabies.

11. Are there any players that impress you from the Northern Hemisphere teams?

Yep, I follow the rugby up there quite a bit. Dan Cole, Sean O'Brien look very handy.

12. Are you looking forward to the British and Irish lions coming to play Australia?

The prospect of playing against the Lions in 2013 is a massive motivation for players in Australia. Last time they visited it was a highlight in the history of Australian rugby, not only for the result but also for the interest it generated in the code here.

13. What would you be doing now if you hadn't become a rugby player?

I have a band that I formed with Rocky Elsom. We both play the drums and I also play the bass. Rock is more of a metal style drummer whereas I tend to favour a Jazz approach. Its worked well though, however it has been hard with all the travel to keep it going. We always try and get the band back together and it's great to have everyone in the same room at the same time. We are actually looking for a singer at the moment if anyone is keen to audition....

Other Questions

Favourite holiday destination? South Africa

Favourite food? Pizza

Favourite movies? There Will Be Blood

favourite band/artist? COG

Hero (who isn't in rugby)? Steve Waugh

Favourite sport/team (which isn't in rugby)? Liverpool FC

What do you do in your spare time when not playing rugby? Music

What do you think of Great website, always good to read interviews with other players.

Finally “ if you had a message to say to your fans that have been supporting the brumbies week in week out, what would you say to all of them?

The players never for a moment take the support of the fans for granted. Whilst it has been a tough period for the club, everything is aimed at improving our performance and is fuelled by the desire to win. The fans that turn up in support when times are toughest are the ones that are most important to the club. Its easy to be a fair weather fan but its those who turn up week in week out to support the team, that we are driven to play well for.