New Zealand, Australia agree on Super Rugby format for 2022 season - Report

The competition will feature 12 teams
The competition will feature 12 teams

New Zealand Rugby and Rugby Australia have agreed on a new format for the 2022 Super Rugby season according to report.

The New Zealand Herald reported that next year's competition will see five teams apiece from New Zealand and Australia apart from two new franchises Moana Pasifika and the Fijian Drua, who were granted licenses.

All the 12 teams will play each other once apart from another three additional fixtures in the group stage that will be randomly allocated.

The report in the Herald further added that the Australian board is keen to have the additional three fixtures as domestic games where Australian teams will be playing with each other while New Zealand clubs play their domestic sides but the move could be opposed by NZR.

The possibility of ranking the teams according to last year's Super Rugby Trans Tasman competition could also be employed for the additional fixtures while Moana Pasifika and Fijian Drua are expected to play each other twice.

Following a 14 game regular season, the top eight will progress to the quarter-finals that will be played at home ground of the higher ranked teams.

An official announcement on the next year's competition is expected to be made in the coming days.