Mourad Boudjellal urges France players to take control from coaches

Jacques Brunel joined France as head coach in 2017
Jacques Brunel joined France as head coach in 2017

Toulon president Mourad Boudjellal has urged France players to take control of the side if they are to go a distance in the ongoing World Cup.

The comments from Boudjellal comes after reports from French media broke there is a rift between skipper Guilhem Guirado and head coach Jacques Brunel.

France have already qualified for the quarter-finals after winning all their three games but they have not been at their best with two of those victories have come with a 23-21 margin against both Argentina and Tonga.

"You're there for your career and for your country", Boudjellal told French media.

"You're there for French rugby and to try to go as far as possible, to see if you can win this World Cup - but we will only get there if you take control.

"Our coaches who are there, I invite you to treat yourself and leave the players to tell their own stories because for years I've not understood the game plan of this France team.

"Something is going wrong, so it's over to you guys. There are guys in this group who will be major coaches in the future. Kick the coaches out, take control, because we are ready to follow you."

Brunel's men will face England in the final game of the opening round on 12th October with the winner set to seal the top place in the group and will play their quarter-final in Oita on 19th October.

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