France full-back Melvyn Jaminet suspended for racist comment

Melvyn Jaminet has played 20 times for France
Melvyn Jaminet has played 20 times for France

France have suspended full-back Melvyn Jaminet following his posting of a video on social media containing a racist comment.

The 25-year-old Toulon player made an appearance off the bench during France's victory over Argentina in Mendoza on Saturday.

In a video posted on his Instagram account, Jaminet was heard saying: "The first Arab I come across, I'll throw him a headbutt."

Although the video has been deleted, copies continue to circulate online.

The French Rugby Federation (FFR) denounced Jaminet's remarks and immediately suspended him.

"Such comments are totally unacceptable and contrary to the fundamental values of our sport," it said in a statement.

"An internal investigation is under way to shed light on the making of these extremely serious remarks and take appropriate measures.

"Rugby is a sport that brings people together and unites, and we must promote these essential values. No discriminatory behaviour of any kind has a place in French rugby," it added.

Following the suspension, Jaminet, who has played 20 times for France aplogised for his comments.

"I understand that this has hurt and offended many people, and I want to make it clear that these remarks do not reflect my values or those of the French rugby team.

"Racism in any form is unacceptable and goes against everything I believe in."

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