Eddie Jones urges World Rugby to cut out on incessant use of TMO

Eddie Jones expressed unhappiness over the incessant use of the TMO
Eddie Jones expressed unhappiness over the incessant use of the TMO

England coach Eddie Jones has urged the World Rugby to cut out on the 'incessant use of the TMO' which he feels is ruining the game.

Jones says he is intending to organise a team of coaches and referees to discuss with the governing body after what transpired in the ongoing summer series where Ireland's game against New Zealand had a number of stoppages and sanctions and at one stage the on-field referee lost track of the players sent off.

Even in the Australia-England Tests, there were five yellow cards and a red card with the second Test taking two hours to be completed.

“I’m certainly going to be pushing for it [to change], because I’ve had enough,” Jones said.

“I don’t want to see a New Zealand-Ireland game like that ever again, where we don’t even know how many people are supposed to be on the field. They get it wrong and they still don’t right it.

"That’s not the referees’ fault, it’s what they’re being pushed to do, so we have to get that right.

“Otherwise, imagine at the next World Cup, you play a quarter-final, you get a red card and two yellows, you’re down to 12 men and it’s just ridiculous.

"We’ve just gone too far down one road. But certainly before November, I’m going to be agitating for something like that. We’ve got to keep the game safe, don’t get me wrong, but accidental head contact and this incessant use of the TMO, we’ve got to cut out.”

With both England and Australia having won a game apiece in the series, the deciding Test has been scheduled to be played in Sydney on Saturday.