TRU Six Pack - David Strettle, Clermont Auvergne

David Strettle, Clermont Auvergne
David Strettle, Clermont Auvergne

Latest to answer our quickfire TRU Six Pack is Clermont Auvergne winger David Strettle.

Go-to gym exercise?

Chin-Ups. The lads will probably catch me doing them in the gym.

Favourite cheat meal/resturant?

Nandos... nothing cheeky about it.

In fairness, the French do really good food over here. I would say Nandos even though it’s not really a cheat meal, but for certain it would have to be KFC if I was going to treat myself!

The boots you wore in your last game?

Current boots I am wearing are the Nike boots with the sock on, but my favourite of all time would be the Nike Total 90’s. I got about three years out of them when I was younger and they were probably the most expensive pair of boots I have ever had!

Any pre-match rituals or motivational tunes?

No I don’t have any pre-match rituals. I have seen over the years other players spend about 30 minutes making sure they do everything in the right order. I can’t see the benefit of me doing that so I stay focused. I'm not of these players who puts their left sock on and then their left boot on first.

When I was at Harlequins, it was pretty much like a nightclub in the changing rooms! When I got to Saracens, Steve Borthwick was the DJ and he wasn’t too keen on music so there wasn’t any in the changing rooms and there isn’t any in the Clermont one either. Loads of lads do have their headphones on, but I've never really done that.

Your 'must-have' sports supplement?

Anything with caffeine in.

Number one beverage in your downtime?

Rum and Coke would have to my choice.