Sam Whitelock joins New Zealand squad in Japan

New Zealand have received Sam Whitelock boost
New Zealand have received Sam Whitelock boost

New Zealand veteran lock Sam Whitelock has joined the All Blacks in Tokyo ahead of their weekend's clash against Japan.

Whitelock did not travel to Japan initially as he was recovering from an inner ear issue after playing in a trampoline with his children. He admitted that his vision and balance got affected since then and took a while for the recovery.

“Long story short, there are some little crystals in your ears, in your inner ear, and they all got into a little bit of a weird funk," he told the All Blacks' official website.

"That’s why I lost a little bit of balance, my vision was pretty blurred, and it took a little time to get right.

“But I had some amazing people help me get it right, people in Christchurch, people in Auckland. Everyone’s given me some space to get it right, and now I’m looking forward to getting back to the team environment and getting into some contact.

“From my little bit of knowledge, there are three inner ear canals and each of them affect your balance and sight differently.

“You have to work out which one it is, and then go through different protocols and exercises to get it right.”

Following the clash against Japan, New Zealand will also be facing Wales, Scotland and England on 5th, 13th and 19th November respectively.