Maximuscle Whey Protein Concentrate review

Maro Itoje and Maximuscle
Maro Itoje and Maximuscle

We review the new look Maximuscle Whey Protein Concentrate. A whey protein powder with fast release protein for quick amino acid delivery.

Maximuscle have gone through a rebrand and we're here to test out their new Whey Protein Concentrate, batch tested for elite level sports use.

The product

Maximuscle have introduced their WPC which boasts between 90-97% whey protein content, dependant on flavour (the raspberry flavour sampled is at an impressive 96%). This translates to (per 30g serving) 22.2g of protein per serving, which makes it perfect for post-training consumption to promote muscle recovery. It also has a decent dose of BCAA's, which can help protect your muscles against the catabolic effects of dieting.

There is a slight restriction in WPC flavours, with 3 (chocolate, raspberry or strawberry), and in an industry where you can get combinations such as: Cinnamon Swirl, Mint Chocolate Chip and Peanut Butter Marshmallow, to name a few, it would have been nice to see a few more options.

Taste and Texture

Well the first thing that hits you with the Raspberry flavour is the smell, and being one of those poeple still on that nutribullet bandwagon I know the smell of the fruit well, and this wasn't far from the real deal. A great natural smell, achieved through 'natural flavourings', but the smell translates to a surprisingly subtle raspberry taste. WPC has additional sweetener (sucralose) added, keeping sugar content low, balancing between either a sugar content higher sugar content or the addition of sweetener/flavourings (going for the latter). So the resulting flavour is a very slight raspberry tint, mixing it initially with water to let the product comes across as 'raw' as possible, it's a decent flavour, but personally would of preferred more of a fruity hit. As for the texture, Maximuscle in the past has (to my palette) been extremely floury and chalky, but I am pleased to say this off-putting feeling in the mouth is no longer there, and you're left with a good consistency.

Value for money

Maximuscle's Whey Protein Concentrate is £29.99 for a large 2.5kg, which is a very affordable price, and in line with some of the industries alternatives, making it a good option if you’re looking for a reasonably priced whey and not restricted by flavours.

Whey Protein Concentrate as we know hasn't had the extra filtration process that an Isolate does, so contains less protein and more carbs that it's Isolate conterpart. But going into the purchase knowing this is a cheaper alternative, every so slightly less impressive formula to WPI, it still comes across as a worth-while purchase, and not that far off the nutrition stats set by the more expensive Isolate protein.


Already with the knowledge this is a cheaper alternative to WPI, you can appreciate the stats that this protein boasts. Maximuscle have a good reputation for quality products that have been tested safe, ready to be used in any professional sporting arena. The brand has been consistantly partnered Elite sports clubs, including England Rugby, Northampton Saints and London Wasps in the rugby industry. So with that kind of pedigree we can be assured the product is doing everything it claims to on the tin.


Maximuscle's Whey Protein Concentrate is a cheaper, price-effecient alternative to the more expensive whey alternatives on the market, but still delivers a welcoming array of nutrients for your money. The benefits of having their products batch tested means you can sleep easy in the knowledge that their products are safe to consume on a tested sporting level. Flash, new branding aside this protein is something for the strictier of budgets in the fitness world, that don't won't to compromise on results. Try it, it could well replace your current, more expensive protein!

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