Kenny Logan Wants Championship Ring Fenced - Suggest He Watches Some National 2N Rugby

The game that Logan should have seen was at Sedgley Park, where the home side produced 15-man rugby worthy of the big screen.

In fact, was there and two highlights reels are included; one shows Sedgley Park’s overall game and the other shows the forwards producing a powerful set-piece.

The game saw Sedgley’s fly-half, Steve Collins, score 35 points and land 14 out of 14 kicks. The kicks were not all straightforward and quite rightly he was named Man of the Match. The Sedgley team ran in 14 tries against Bromsgrove who never gave up despite the opposition’s intensity.

All season Sedgley have attempted to play 15-man rugby and this was the game when everything gelled together. The young front row have given Sedgley a new dimension: Matthews and Hymes are very strong individual runners with Ashcroft providing the "hands".

All three combine effectively together to provide a strong platform in the scrum. The scrum is an eight-man game and Sedgley have a big second row with Crous, Lloyd and McGowan plus a skilled and explosive back row.

The early tries resulted from strong work in the forwards and quick ball to the backs with Riley and Harrison scoring early in the game. Bromsgrove reacted well and used their own forwards to gain an advantage and Hardwick was able to score a well worked try. Matthew Riley and Chris Parrott were to score the other tries in the first half.

Leading 41-4 at half-time, James Lloyd replaced captain Juan Crous, which was probably a move to protect him with a big semi-final in the Aviva A League for Sale Jets following on the Monday.

This is again where Logan missed the point in his "ring-fenced" claims. There are top grade players who week in week out play in National 2. They maybe on loan from a Premiership Club (James Flynn), they may have played England Age Grade (Johnny Matthews), they may be with Academies (George Hymes), they may now be in full time work or perhaps at University; they still want to play competitively.

So what else was Logan missing? A fine try from second row Lloyd, followed by a weaving run from Hymes to touch down and a second try for Harrison. Andrew Riley made sure that he figured twice on the scoresheet before Collins scored an individual try in the 74th minute. The end was near and Phil Largan dived over for the final try.

Bromsgrove had found a team playing to its full potential but their sense of humour did not disappear; their physio tweeting that Sedgley's home-made steak pies had taken his mind off the defeat.

Rugby is a tough game but the banter is never far away.

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