'I don't understand the rationale' - Scotland coach Gregor Townsend

Gregor Townsend was disappointed with the decision of officials in the Murrayfield game against France
Gregor Townsend was disappointed with the decision of officials in the Murrayfield game against France

Scotland coach Gregor Townsend expressed displeasure over the officials' decision to not award them try in the closing stage of the Six Nations game against France.

Having led for most part of the game riding on a try from Ben White and a 11-point contribution from Finn Russell, Townsend's men were in the lead for most part of the game with a 16-10 margin before Louis Bielle Biarrey touched down for the Les Bleus and Thomas Ramos kicked the conversion and a penalty goal to make it 16-20.

Just as Scotland were desperate for a final push, they thought they sealed the game when Sam Skinner touched down in the added minutes but the decision was turned down after a lengthy consultation between referee Nic Berry and TMO Brian MacNeice as they felt there was no conclusive evidence of the ball being grounded with the initial decision of no try upheld.

"We were celebrating in the coaches' box having seen the pictures of the ball being placed down on the tryline after having been on the player's boot," said Townsend.

"That was also after hearing the communication to the referee from the TMO to say that the ball started on the foot and then went on the ground.

"The ref then says, 'I can also see that (ball) on the ground' then their last interaction was 'hang on, let's look at that other angle....yeah, it's inconclusive now, stick with your on-field decision'.

"It was TMO-driven. If the referee is seeing the pictures we were all seeing in the stadium, maybe it's on his shoulders as well to say, 'that's the ball down, that's a try'. But the TMO was the one who changed his mind and said, 'stick with your on-field decision.'

"I don't understand the rationale. When you see the pictures, and when you also see the conversation, they have already said between them that the ball has been placed on the tryline."

Scotland are positioned third in the Six Nations table after managing a defeat and a victory apiece in the two matches.