Cash Flow Checklist - Why rugby needs advice

Championship club Newcastle Falcons have placed all their players and staff a period of unpaid leave due to the coronavirus

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, there have been a number of measures put in place to protect our vital cash flow which will have impacted a lot of people, including the rugby community.

Whether you are a local club which relies on matchday income, a player who uses his or her wage to help pay bills or a member of staff who is now without work, these are unprecedented times.

The government have introduced systems to carry out relief for people who are struggling, but the systems, at the moment, are simply not in place. A number of measures does also depend on our initiative and taking positive actions.

Some of the plans aiming to be put in place by the government such as Furlough and Grant assistance, are not straightforward so we need to be realistic.

Below, Haleys Business Advisers have created a ‘Cash Flow Help’ checklist for areas of relief which might help you, the issues you also need to consider and the practical steps and advice when looking at each option.

Haleys Cash Flow Help Checklist

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