Australia to host Rugby World Cup 2027 and 2029, USA venue for 2031 and 2033

Australia will be hosting back to back Rugby World Cups
Australia will be hosting back to back Rugby World Cups

World Rugby has announced Australia as the venue for the 2027 and 2029 editions of the Rugby World Cup.

The decision was taken after Australia already was named the preferred host for both the men's and women's competitions.

The 2027 edition is expected to be played across eight to 10 venues and is projected to attract more than two million people across seven weeks of competition with a forecast of $2.5 billion.

“Based on a lot of the discussions taken place over in the last few years, and the board that Hamish McLennan assembled, the discussions around if we were to win the World Cup and have a reasonable payday, this money has to invested in the game, not spent, invested,” Rugby Australia president David Codey told

“I don’t think there’s going to be any wild fanciful projects.

“The term a ‘future fund’ has been mentioned, how do you preserve capital for the benefit of rugby at all levels because I wouldn’t disagree, we haven’t been smart as a code.

“But there’s a very clear understanding that if we get this, we may never get another World Cup, so therefore we have to make this count and I’m very, very confident that that is what will happen.”

Australia skipper Michael Hooper believes with the World Cups and Commonwealth Games in 2026 and Olympics in 2032 will inspire the younger generation to take up the game.

“The runway from this all comes together in the next 10 years of rugby. Not only with these World Cups but the (Brisbane 2032) Olympics with rugby’s involvement in the Olympics and what that looks like.

“It’s a pretty good time to be a young rugby player or looking to play rugby.”

Meanwhile, the USA will host the 2031 and 2033 World Cups: "The US has a massive footprint on the sports world but it hasn't really tapped into that rugby world just yet," said Victoria Folayan, USA Rugby Board of Directors and Athlete Representative.

"These Rugby World Cup events are going to be a vehicle to have ourselves in the direction of greatness."

The decision to stage the tournaments in the USA will be a landmark moment for the sport with World Rugby confident of building rugby union’s profile between now and 2031.

On taking the showpiece events Stateside, chairman of the US bid Jim Brown said: "Having been part of Major League Soccer's launch after the 1994 World Cup, I think this will be a catalyst for a lot of investment into rugby in this country.

"But people have to realise that the 1994 World Cup was 28 years ago and MLS is still plugging away, trying to grow the game.

"So this can be a catalyst, but it's going to take a lot of elbow grease, sweat and tears. People can't just sit back and think this thing will take off in 2031 because the World Cup was here."

The World Rugby chairman, Bill Beaumont said on Thursday's announcement: “We have approved three exceptional Rugby World Cup host nations – England, Australia and USA – providing unprecedented certainty and an unparalleled opportunity to accelerate the growth and impact of rugby globally. It is great for rugby, for fans and for the host nations.

“The confirmation of host locations is supported by a new partnership approach to event delivery, that will power long-term, sustainable development, including in the USA and across the women’s game, enabling the sport to realise its global potential on and off the field, driving significant social and economic benefits for host nations. Today is a landmark moment for the sport, and a exciting development for fans. I would like to congratulate everyone involved in making this dream a reality as we look to deliver a truly global sport for all.”