Australia international Matt Toomua wants revamped Super Rugby model

Matt Toomua joined Melbourne Rebels in 2019
Matt Toomua joined Melbourne Rebels in 2019

Australia fly-half Matt Toomua has urged for a change in the Super Rugby model after the ongoing season was disrupted by the pandemic coronavirus.

The Super Rugby format which features 15 teams across various countries is currently on a suspension with various sporting activities cancelled following the outbreak of Covid-19.

Even though, the organisers said they are determined to complete the 2020 season, they will need to face a daunting task with travel restrictions across countries which might see the member boards play local competitions when the situation improves.

Toomua, who joined Rebels in 2019 feels the ongoing format reduces the intent and interests among the viewers and wants a local product to take precedence.

"Maybe the model that we've got is a little bit aged and outdated and maybe we need to have a rethink," the 30-year-old told

"I guess this is almost forcing us to do it, whether it be in the short term until those borders open or whether it be long term into something else that's a bit more sustainable, bit more domestically focused.

"I think there's a lot of people who are wanting to have a domestic model for quite a while now, whether it be Australia-focused or Australia-New Zealand focused or something along those lines.

"If I'm a Rebels member, what do I get? I get seven home games, maybe five against teams that I know, two or three against teams that I don't know or don't care about, and then three games that are in time zones that aren't suitable.

"It's just not, for me personally if I'm a supporter, I don't think that's an attractive product, I really don't."

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