Why does the casino offer Deposit bonuses?


People play at online casinos for two reasons - pleasure and money.

And casinos know that they can win players only if they offer a large selection of games and generous bonuses, which you can read about in the best online casino review UK. If the casino’s portfolio of games is big, the possibility that the visitor will choose to register and play at that casino is higher. But why do casinos offer so many bonus programs and various promotions? Let’s discuss the three main reasons. 

Attract New Players

The first reason online casinos run various promotions, offer deposit bonuses, and give free spins is because they want to attract new players. Usually, the offer created specifically for new registrants is called the Welcome Package. It can include bonuses, free spins, or both.

New registrants receive their welcome bonuses when they make their first deposits. Usually, the promotions define upper and lower limits for deposits. For example, if the promotion says “400% casino bonus up to £100,” it means that in case of depositing your first £100 after registration, you’ll receive £400 bonus money. 

However, players can’t immediately withdraw the bonus amount because each promotion has wagering requirements. It means that players should bet with their bonus money for 10, 20, 30, or 40 times before they can withdraw it. So, make sure to check the Terms & Conditions of promotions before you claim any bonuses. 

Motivate Existing Players

For motivating existing players to stay active and continue playing, online casinos constantly create new promotions and generous bonus programs. For example, after being passive for some time, players may receive a 400% deposit bonus casino offer if they deposit and resume playing again. But that isn’t the only offer casinos have in stock.

  • Casinos promise to provide bonuses if players deposit and play on specific days of the week, e.g., every Monday or Wednesday. 

  • Casinos promise to award players big bonus money if they deposit and play several days in a row.

  • Casinos provide points to their VIP players that can be exchanged for real money.

These are a couple of examples of what kind of promotions casinos run for existing players. The list is much longer since casinos try hard to engage and retain their hard-won clients. 

Beat The Competition 

The online gambling market is crowded. New online casinos are being launched every day. Every casino is fighting for the attention and trust of potential players. But they can’t beat this fierce competition if they don’t offer interesting bonus programs with beneficial terms. 

For example, as a player would you choose to receive a 400 deposit bonus casino offer or a 100 deposit bonus? Everyone would prefer to receive £400 bonus money for depositing only £100. 

By offering such hefty bonuses, online casinos beat the competition and win clients. Of course, they should also retain them by continuing to provide even more beneficial offers. That’s why besides welcome prizes designed specifically for new registrants, casinos also create promotions for existing users.